Los Angeles Camera, Grip & Lighting Rental

From cameras to grip and lighting gear, we've got you covered.  Try out the "Dutchman" 1.5 Ton Van Package, with custom-built, powder-coated steel shelving designed for on-set efficiency.  You can add any item you like to the van.  Or, create your own custom order.  We're happy to serve you with high quality gear at a reasonable price.

Our Inventory Includes:

  • "The Dutchman" 1.5 Ton Van Grip & Electric Van Package

  • Grip Equipment

  • Dana Dolly

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Honda 2200 Generator

  • DF-50 Hazer

  • Tungsten Lights

  • LED and HMI Lighting

  • Cameras:  RED Raven, Canon C200 and GoPro Packages

  • Monitors and Camera Accessories

  • Zeiss CP.2 and Canon CN-E Lens Packages

  • And more!