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Rental Policy & Requirements

Pickup / Dropoff

Please coordinate times with us for picking up and returning the equipment.  Pickups are generally after 2pm and returns are due by Noon on the return day unless previously agreed.  Fees may apply if equipment is returned late.  Please have an ID card ready at pickup.  If you will not be picking up the rental yourself, please let us know.  

At the pickup, you can park in our driveway (easiest for loading) or on the street.  Once you arrive, let us know and we will be right out to assist you.  


Options available for delivery in the Los Angeles area, starting at $50 for both equipment and / or Van delivery (one-way).  For pickup, please notify us when the equipment is fully wrapped.  There will be an additional charge for our driver if the gear is not ready by the agreed upon time of pickup.

Vehicle Policy

The 1.5 Ton Van package ('The Dutchman') has multiple options for its transportation.  

Option A:  Delivery & Pickup

The Dutchman can be delivered to your set by one of our drivers.  There must be a dedicated spot to drop off the van.  If the van is kept at location overnight, it must be kept in a secure spot.  In all cases, measures should be taken to prevent theft.

For pickup, please let us know when the van will be completely packed up, and we will send a driver to pick it up at that time.  An extra charge may apply if a driver arrives at an agreed time but has to wait for the van to be fully loaded back up.

Delivery fees generally start at $50 each way but is dependent on distance.  

Option B:  Renter-Designated Driver

If you wish to drive the van yourself, or designate someone on your crew to drive it, you will need to own or obtain a Commercial Liability insurance policy with coverage for Non-Owned / Hired Autos.  The policy limit should be at least $1,000,000.  We will need a COI for this coverage - please scroll down to see the section for 'Insurance' for more details.

In this scenario, you or your driver may pick up the van from our shop and drive it.  You assume all risk of liability of the vehicle.  The vehicle can be kept in your possession until the end of the rental period, in which it must be returned to the shop.  You may store the vehicle at our shop at any time during the rental, including overnight.  Please notify us immediately of any damage to the vehicle during your rental.  

Please fill the gas back up to 'Full' prior to returning the van.  There will be a $100 charge if the tank is returned at a lower level.  Mileage is charged at $0.57 per mile, but the first 30 miles you drive are free.  

Feel free to contact us at if you have questions regarding our policy.


Unlike other rental houses, we are always open!  We are here for you for last minute requests.  We can accommodate you at anytime of the day (or night), by appointment.


Payment will be due at the time of pickup or delivery.  We accept cash, Venmo, Credit / Debit cards, and PayPal.  Checks will only be accepted if cleared in advance.  Bounced checks will result in a $50 fee.  Please make checks payable to Flying Dutchman Cinema.


An equipment rental policy will be required for all rentals for equipment with a total replacement value of $2,500 and above.  We will need a certificate of insurance (COI) with our name and address listed under "Loss Payee / Certificate Holder".  

If you or a designated driver will be driving the Dutchman 1.5 Ton Van, you will need to send us a COI for a Commercial Liability policy for Non-Owned / Hired Autos, with a coverage limit of at least $1,000,000.

Please visit our Insurance page or click below to obtain a policy through our partner, Athos Insurance.

Rental Agreement

We will send you a Rental Agreement to be signed prior to the rental.  The signature must match the name of the "Named Insured" on your insurance policy.  If the "Named Insured" is the name of a company, the rental agreement must be signed by an authorized representative of that company.  

Lost and / or Damaged Items

Please treat the gear you rent from us with the respect you would give to your own equipment.  If any items are lost, stolen, or damaged during your rental, please let us know promptly and we will work with you towards a solution.  Sometimes, things just happen and we understand!  We can make a claim through your insurance if the loss / damage value is greater than your deductible.  If we discover any L&D after your return, we will notify you.  

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